YARN Magic Ball

MagicYarnBall is a high quality handmade yarn from Germany.

Its texture is very soft, 50% cotton and 50% acrylic.

It is not twisted but in parallel form.

There is a 3-ply yarn knitted with needles or crochet hook No. 3 - 3.5, a 4-ply knitted with needles or crochet hook No. 3.5 - 4.5 and a 5-ply knitted with needles or crochet hooks No. 5-6.

Using needles or crochet hooks of larger size, you can create items with looser and softer knits. In every color change in a Magic Ball, there is a small connection knot, which in knitting is covered and is not visible.

The small piece of jewelry at the beginning of each MagicBallyarn changes randomly so it may not be the same as in the photo.

The Magic Ball yarn is machine washable at 30ºC, it is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and is suitable for babies. The meters of each yarn are proportional to the grams that you will choose, so that with one yarn you can create a knitted item of your choice.

For example, with 750m (150gr) you will be able to make a scarf. With 1000m (200gr), you will be able to make a large scarf. With 1500m (300gr), you will be able to make a long skirt. With 2000m (400gr), you will be able to make a long dress. If along the way you see that you are missing a piece of yarn or color, you can use one of our monochrome yarns.

For a one-piece item a MagicYarnBall will be prepared according to the meters or grams needed, while for a sweater or a cardigan the order should require a MagicYarnBall for the back, one for the front and possibly separately the sleeves, so that there is a similar alternation of colors everywhere.

Glitter yarn can also be added to any Magicyarnball in our shop.

Each Magicyarnball is prepared by hand after ordering and you can make your own Magicyarnball combination with any color and glitter available.

Keep in mind that the weight of the MagicBall on your order may vary slightly but the length will always be correct.


There are different types of color development when creating an item, which you can see below:

Normal color development (KA)

As the name implies, it refers here to the normal development of colors. The colors are divided into equal sizes and there are monochrome parts that in the item will appear as stripes. This is the case with 3ply yarns.

Smooth color development (OA)

Unlike normal development, in smooth development no color is single. The classic stripe formation is left out. The transition of colors is smoother. This is the case with 4ply and 5ply yarns.

Development of colors for shawls

In this category, the development of colors is done so that, even in triangular shawls, the last color (the wider side) prevails.

When ordering, please specify what color development you want to have. When none is mentioned, there will be the normal color development in the yarns you order.

If you have any problem during your order, you can call 6977629083 (Monday to Saturday, 9.00 - 19.00)

Make your own Magic Ball

If you do not find in our store what you are looking for, you have the opportunity to choose your own colors and length by clicking here